Music Distribution Companies

The world of digital distribution (in regards to music) can seem like a long walk through very murky waters for any independent musician. So, we’ve collected a pretty comprehensive list of music distribution companies and the stores they distribute to. If you were to ask: “What is the best music distribution company that will show me how to put music on itunes store?”, then our answer would be ADED.US Music Distribution at

Here is our list of music companies that offer placement services and distribution companies that can put your music onto the various digital music stores

ADED.US Music Distribution /

Notable points about this service:

  • Ran by Mak Bird from Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  • delivers to 1,000 digital stores and apps worldwide
  • This company is the only music distributor that will also promote your content for free on their channels. They also have options for further promotion (for as low as $25). Their network includes over 30,000 music industry professionals and they promote via e-blasts and social networking posts.

They have 4 package deals to match the scale of your needs:

  • The Ultimate Package –– $100 a year for 12 releases to be distributed to all 1,000 digital stores and apps. This essentially sets you up with a label deal. So, you are getting major label level distribution even though you are an indie artist or independent record label!
  • Pick-and-Choose Monthly –– $5 a month and you pick and choose (hence the name) only the stores you want to distribute to. –– These pick and choose packages are for people that want to distribute their music to certain stores but not all the stores. So pricing varies via the extra store placement fee you have to pay. Usually it’s only $3-$10 per store. So, members get a discount on store placement fees and only pay for what they want. Most other music distribution platforms do not offer this.
  • Pick-and-Choose Annual –– $45 a year + store placement fee(s). You save $15 a year on membership fees if you are willing to pay for a whole year up front.
  • Pick-and-Choose Weekly –– $1.25 a week + store placement fee(s).
  • One release to 1 store $8.99 flat fee for 1 song (a single).

They also do extra services for you like:

  • Promoting your material on their InstaGram, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest pages
  • Verifying store front-end links. This is so you can see where your music goes. Most other music distributors don’t do this.
  • Adding your song(s) to 3 company radio playlists for guaranteed streaming. This can be negotiated for about $20.
You may encounter the name of ADED.US used in several ways: added us music distribution, aded distribution, ade distribution, adedistribution, aded us music distribution, etc..

CD Baby /

Notable points about this service:

  • Although CD Baby is considered to be one of the two largest music distribution companies in the world (TuneCore being the other), CD Baby is known to change prices constantly. This is annoying as well as confusing for members. In most instances, they will also keep 15% of your royalties ON TOP of the up-front fee they expect you to pay. This is referred to as “double dipping” and it is frowned upon.
  • They have an extensive history of making changes, such as who owns the company and overall pricing schemes. The company has been sold twice since being founded by Derek Sivers.

TuneCore / Tune Core /

Notable points about this service:

  • Based on the number of members it has, TuneCore is considered to be one of the two largest music distribution companies in the world (CD Baby being the other). Much like CD Baby, they have changed pricing schemes dramatically. Also, the ousting of it’s founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells was a public nightmare for the company and has left many members wondering what’s going on. The company is currently controlled by venture capitalists, not music business people…

Ditto Music

DittoMusic /

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend that anyone join Ditto Music for the simple fact that the people who run Ditto Music –– and the people that work for them –– are known ‘trollers’ in the music distribution business. They will do things, like searching for videos and/or social networking pages of competitors and they will leave negative comments and/or taunt the other distributors. These actions make them look unprofessional.



delivers to iTunes only

They claim to be FREE, but this is merely a play on words. They use the word FREE because they are not charging you an up front fee. However, they keep 20% of your royalties. Therefore, it isn’t actually free.

ran by Kevin Rivers from Michigan, U.S.A.

Venzo Digital has had problems with maintaining relevancy in the digital distribution world. They have switched names several times. They were originally called WaTunes and claimed to be headed by a fake ‘umbrella’ company called Xeinge


Mondo Tunes /

MondoTunes is ran by Javan Mershad from Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A.

This is one of those fly-by-night companies that uses big numbers to sucker you in. They boast about being able to distribute your music to 750 stores. This may be technically accurate but not what YOU’RE thinking. Those are 750 stores… not BRANDS… iTunes accounts for at least 111+ of those “750 stores” because iTunes is available in at least 111 countries and each country is considered a different store. So, in reality, MondoTunes is a small outfit that doesn’t distribute to as many brands as they claim. Enticing would-be applicants to your service through misleading text is a bad way to start off.


a/k/a Catapult Music, Catapult Distribution, Catapult Music Distribution

Pricing: $25 for an 1 album, $9 for 1 single. They only pay out 91% of your royalties.

Their site says that they were founded in 2006 by Caleb Carruth and that they are based out of Dallas, TX, USA

Truth be told, although we’ve done extensive research on the various digital distribution companies for music, Catapult hasn’t come to the forefront until 2015. We suspect they are paying Google AdWords a pretty penny for those first page placements in Google’s search results


Band Camp /

 BandCamp is ran by Ethan Diamond from San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

This company is a DIY (do it yourself) company and they keep 10% of your sales for themselves. The way BandCamp collects their 10% is tricky. They don’t take 10% out of every sale. They give you 100% of 9 (out of 10) sales you make, then they take 100% of your 10th sale.

Songs purchased on BandCamp are not available to download directly to an Apple smart device.

BandCamp allows you to upload and sell your own music and set the pricing. However, they do not distribute your music to any other digital stores and apps. Your music will only be available on

This company is controlled by venture capitalist Tony Conrad of True Ventures.


Record Union /

 This company is ran by Daniel Nilsson from Stockholm, Sweden.

Prices vary depending on the number of stores you want to distribute to. They keep 7.5 – 15% of your royalties


Beat Port /

They offer their own distribution but it’s really expensive. Especially compared to ADED.US Music Distribution. Plus, the songs that are available on their store are usually higher priced than the songs that are available on iTunes.

The website is centered around the EDM/IDM community

BeatPort is an active community of EDM Producers, DJs, and music buyers. Their site operates much like ReverbNation and BandCamp in the sense that you can buy and sell music all in the same community space, but they are lacking the artist apps of ADED.US Music Distribution

founded by John Acquaviva, it was bought out by  Robert F. X. Sillerman’s company SFX Entertainment, for a reported price of slightly over $50 million.



Update: CreateSpace recently announced that they will no longer be allowing independent artists to submit their music to be placed on the Amazon store through CreateSpace (as of 9-9-2014)

DIY, distributes to Amazon only

Artists using CreateSpace only collect a maximum of $0.65 per song sold regardless of what price Amazon sells it for. This pales in comparison to iTunes, which offers at least 70% of the sale price.

Artists may feel limited in their options to upload their music, as CreateSpace only accepts AIFF and MP3 (320kbps CBR) quality files (in a  zip file)


This service is extremely expensive and complicated compared to other services.

This company is ran by Martin Tjho from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you are an independent artist and you want to distribute your music to Spotify, then chances are the people that work for Spotify are going to tell you to sign up with FUGA (or CI) –– our advice is DON’T DO IT.


  • Based out of The Netherlands
  • They require you to sign contracts through e-mail
  • They require you to upload your files to them through FTP. While nerds like me understand how to do this, the general musician will not know how to do this
  • This company is somehow connected to another company called Target Media, not to be confused with the Target stores in America.

Kontor New Media GmbH

Ran by several people, Kontor is a music distribution company based in Germany. They claim the be a distributor for the Walt Disney Company in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

They claim to distribute music, movies, and e-books. They are not up front with their pricing. You have to e-mail them to sign up and get further information. iMusician Digital uses them to distribute and has stated that Kontor takes 15% of your royalties.

Sugo Music Group

  • Says it’s a division of SoundLink
  • They do not have transparent pricing for any of their services. They require you to e-mail them for pricing. This is usually a shady business practice because, after you e-mail them, that’s when they decide to drop those high price tag bombs on you.
  • Located in Half Moon Bay, California, U.S.A.
  • WhoIs says their domain is registered by Granada Studios in El Granada, California, U.S.A.


ONE rpm /

ONErpm, which stands for One Revolution People’s Music, is a music distribution company based out of Brazil. Although the founder was born-n-raised in the U.S.A., he chose to work in the South American market.

Symphonic Distribution

Artist Pricing (as of 9-24-2014):

  • 01-05 track project = $25 (one time sign up fee) + $10.99 = $35.99
  • 06-10 track project = $25 (one time sign up fee) + $19.99 = $44.99
  • 11-15 track project = $25 (one time sign up fee) + $29.99 = $54.99
  • 16-20 track project = $25 (one time sign up fee) + $39.99 = $64.99

Label Pricing (as of 9-24-2014) –– in order for you to collect 100% of your royalties (as a label) you have to pay them $500 up front.

Based out of Wesley ChapelFL

ran by Jorge Brea, Jeannette Brea (Jorge’s wife), and Julio Brea (Jorge’s brother)

We saw a review from a former employee saying that they aren’t good to their employees.

They like to use word play and math trickery to make their prices seem lower than their competitors in comparison. However, Symphonic Distribution is (by far) one of the most expensive distribution services to use and, therefore, we can not recommend them.

Spinnup | Spin Up

Spinnup claims to be associated with (or ran by) Universal Music. They are pretty new in the space of ‘independent’ music distribution. However, the real question an independent artist should be asking themselves, when dealing with a company as ‘large’ as Universal, is… “Do I, as an independent musician, really want my music controlled by a major label who wouldn’t sign me in the first place?”

Consolidated Independent

a/k/a CI or C.I. | consolidatedindependent |

extremely high priced and complicated
If you are an independent artist and you want to distribute your music to Spotify, then chances are the people that work for Spotify are going to tell you to sign up with CI (or FUGA) –– our advice is DON’T DO IT

The Echo Nest | EchoNest |

software development company only

Key Example: There is a Spotify app called that pulls info about artists and their music from The Echo Nest and

they basically help music apps recognize artists and their music

ran by several people

The Echo Nest was founded by MIT PhDs Brian Whitman and Tristan Jehan

The company is headquartered in Somerville, MA with offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

EMI | E.M.I.

EMI is a publishing company that monitors radio stations, network television, and movies to see if music (from artists that use their service) is being used. They collect royalties on your behalf. They were acquired by UMG (Universal Music Group).

Free Music Archive (FMA) | FreeMusicArchive |

a site that showcases music offered in public domain, with or without creative commons licenses attached, sort of like a public library for downloading free music

The GenePool Distribution| Gene Pool |

They keep 80-90% of your royalties

Based out of Plymouth, U.K.

Gracenote | Grace Note |

a site/service that catalogs music information, which many music apps pull their data from. Associated with CDDB (compact disc data base)

INgrooves | in grooves |

Controlled by Robb McDaniels (CEO ) –– A decade ago he launched INgrooves out of his spare bedroom. Since then he’s raised over $50 million in capital and built a staff of 140, becoming one of the world’s largest distributors of digital music. ­INgrooves is home to acts from Mac Miller to Dolly Parton and small labels like X5 but also handles distribution for Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record company.

Note: INgrooves does not have transparent pricing, you have to e-mail them to find out their prices.

A whois search on them says their domain was registered on September 30, 2002, but their information is being protected by a ‘privacy blocker’ company.

They claim to have offices in L.A., San Francisco, NYC, and London.

They have a sub-label called Fontana.

MyMusicSite | My Music Site

$7.99 single / $19.99 album

very basic layout, not very informative, not many stores

MyMusicStream | My Music Stream

$5 – $10 a month

DIY, build and sell music from your page

I don’t see how this differs from bandcamp, besides the fact that it’s more complicated and costs more. Artists wanting an official artist page/app would be better off just going through ADED.US Music Distribution or BandCamp as it is cheaper and less complicated.

ran by Andrew Drake from Sydney, Australia. Servers possibly located in London, U.K.

Neurotic Media | NeuroticMedia |

Their website is very convoluted. They like to use big words but are very vague on the exact pricing details. They don’t outline (in a list) what stores they distribute to. They ‘appear’ to be more of an artist representation service than an actual distribution company

They seem to be more of a marketing company

ran by Shachar Oren from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Nimbit |

DIY, pricing starts at $9.95 a month

NoiseTrade | Noise Trade | ▶︎

NoiseTrade is sort of like BandCamp. They have a clean interface that translates somewhat nicely to mobile. They allow you to sell music and books. They don’t have nearly as many members as most services because they seem to take in people on a case-by-case basis.

NoiseTrade Music helps artists & labels meaningfully connect with fans through the exchange of free music for email addresses & postal codes.

ReverbNation | Reverb Nation |

ran by  Mike Doernberg from Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.

controlled by venture capitalists (not music business people)

charges $19.95 a month – $41.67 a month for distribution (extremely high priced compared to others)

only allows 2 projects to be released per year at those prices.

over the course of a year, you will pay at least $239.40 to distribute 2 albums

DistroKid | Distro Kid

DistroKid is relatively new on the scene of music distribution. They smooth talked their way into getting, what appears to be, a ‘nod’ from former music distribution moguls Jeff Price and Derek Sivers. Their pricing scheme is unique in that it’s based on the number of artists you are submitting as opposed to the number of releases you are submitting.

For example, if you are trying to distribute the releases of 1 artist, then they will charge you $19.99 a year and that artist can upload an unlimited number of releases. You can also submit the releases of multiple artists (from 5-100) for anywhere from $80-$1200 a year.

We discovered that DistroKid is in fact a middleman of sorts as they are using (now Soundrop or Soundr) to deliver their content to the various digital retail stores and apps.

The company was founded by Philip Kaplan and is based in San Francisco, California, U.S.A..

SongCast | SongCastMusic | Song Cast Music

$6 a month for membership + $20 for each project you want to distribute

ran by Michael “Mike” Wright from Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

If you were to distribute 12 albums using SongCast, it would cost you ~$312 over the course of a year.

If you were to distribute 12 albums with ADED.US Music Distribution, it would cost you $100 over the course of a year


they mainly create discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays) and distribute them

doesn’t seem to be for independent artists

prices are quoted, meaning you have to request a quote,… meaning their pricing is not transparent.

Trendrr (acquired by Twitter) |

analyzes the demographics of a product or brand

Tune Tuzer (defunct)

it was a site that catalogued info about the bitrates and pricing variations of different music stores

Wild Palms Music (defunct) |

This site is possibly defunct and now it’s just a blog.

based out of France (French)

These are distributors and/or stores that we have heard of, but we have not (yet) consolidated information about

Accenture – Amie Street – – Anywhere FM – Art Empire Industries – AWAL a/k/a Artists Without A Label – Arvato Digital Services – AStream – Audiojelly – Audiolife – Band Metrics – Bandstocks – Bitpass – Black Market (Soho) – Bleep – Blubster – Blueprint Media – Brilliant Digital – Broad Street Digital – Broadchart – BurnLounge – Cadiz Digital – CD Fuse – CD Unsigned – Dancetracks – – Digital Music Group Inc. – – DJDownload – DoubleTwist – Dropcards – DX3 – Interoute – Into Music – IODA – Iris Distribution – ISA – Music – I Think Music – Javien – Juno – Kerascene – K-Tel Digital Distribution – Kudos Digital – Lime Wire – LimeWire Store (US) – Lost Tunes – Mashboxx – Masterbeat – Mbop – Mixmag Download – MJM – MOS Download – MTraks – Mubito – Musana (Beta) – Music Giants – Music Glue – Music Makes Friends – MusicNet – Musicslu – MusicStation Next Generation – Musiwave – Muziic – My Song Store – NDN – NetMusicPromotions – Nova – The Orchard – Passalong Networks – Passionato – PayPlay.FM – People’s Music Store – Piccadilly Records – – Prefueled
Puretracks –– this is a site dedicated to selling EDM music
QTrax (Amdocs) – RecordStore – Realnetworks – Soulbrother – Soul Jazz Records – Stompy – StreamUK – Tesco – Tema Digital Media – Topspin Media – Trackitdown – Trackseller – Traxsource – Xpress Beats – Hard To Find – HDtracks – IMD Fastrax – iMesh – Emu Bands – EPM – Finetunes Solutions – The Fresh Page

A-La-Carte Music Stores / Pay-Per-Download

iTunes – 4/5 stars

BandCamp | Band Camp |

musicians set the price

Rhapsody (US Only), a division of Yahoo and MTV

Shockhound | Shock Hound |


available in several countries whereas each country has their own store (like iTunes)

24-7 Entertainment | TuneTribe | eMusic

Vidzone Digital Media

Zune (now XBox Music), a division of Microsoft – 3/5 stars

Microsoft Groove Music – 3/5 stars
f/k/a XBox Music
f/k/a Zune

Streaming Music Stores/Apps

GrooveShark | Groove Shark | – 2/5 stars

  • they’ve had issues with lawsuits being filed against them for copyright infringement

Nokia MixRadio | f/k/a Nokia Music | – 1/5 stars

  • If you were to buy a Nokia smart phone with a Windows 8 mobile OS, chances are it would come Nokia Music pre-installed. However, the way the app operates isn’t very user friendly.

Pandora | Pandora Radio – 2/5 stars

  • controlled by venture capitalists
  • they’ve had problems in the past not paying out artists’ royalties
  • a lot of distributors will not distribute their catalog to Pandora due to their complicated ingestion process and the problems they’ve had paying out royalties

Rdio | – 3/5 stars

  • they do not offer nearly as much freedom over the music you’re listening to as Spotify does

Slacker Radio | Slacker Music Service | – 4/5 stars

Spotify | – 4/5 stars

  • controlled by venture capitalists and major record labels
  • offers the most freedom over what you listen to

iTunes Radio – 3/5 stars

Google Play Music All Access

We7 (defunct) | now known as Blink Box Music |

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This article was started on Sept. 7, 2012


Incredible Hulk not so incredible

I watched The Incredible Hulk (2008) last night and I had the exact reaction I was expecting to have. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t horrible. It was just more Hollywood drivel, which seems to be the thing in 2008 (read previous blog). I will say this though, at least it didn’t have a snoozer 45 min. intro like the previous Hulk movie. Some small things were cool, like the appearance of Lou Ferrigno and Tony Stark. However, with all the Hulk material that’s been released, I still prefer the Hulk TV show from back in the day. It had good substance. I’d kill for an actor like Bill Bixby to grace the silver screen in this day and age!

One of the biggest quirks for me about the movie is how short it seemed. The Hulk TV eps were 45 mins alone and this movie is supposedly 114 mins.. So I’d say it’s worth a watch only if you’re bored. My advice is for you to buy the first 2 seasons of Hulk TV so you can see Hulk in good fashion.

Noizz Factor Summer 89 Extended Pleasure


Summer ’89 Extended Pleasure

by Noizz Factor


No. Artist Name + Track Title Dur.
1 Noizz Factor Summer 1989 (Radio Edit) 04:09
2 Noizz Factor Blinded By The Sun (Brian Crux Mix) 04:01
3 Noizz Factor Heatwave (DM89 Remix) 04:21
4 Noizz Factor Sleeping On The Sand (Radio Edit) 04:47
5 Noizz Factor Nightswimming (Vintage Radio Mix) 03:24
6 Noizz Factor Counting Stars (Radio Edit) 04:16
7 Noizz Factor Seaside Disco (Radio Edit) 03:22
8 Noizz Factor Feels Like Heaven (Brian Crux Radio Mix) 04:26
9 Noizz Factor Our Secret Island (Radio Edit) 04:10
10 Noizz Factor Seaside Relax Part 1 03:57
11 Noizz Factor The Last Sunset 04:39
12 Noizz Factor Seaside Reprise 01:49
13 Noizz Factor Summer 1989 (Extended Mix) 07:32
14 Noizz Factor Counting Stars (Dub Mix) 08:03
15 Noizz Factor Seaside Disco (Gino Maruder Mix) 05:46
16 Noizz Factor Blinded By The Sun (Extended Disco Mix) 06:57
17 Noizz Factor Nightswimming (Extended Mix) 07:55
18 Noizz Factor Feels Like Heaven (Brian Crux Mix) 06:58
19 Noizz Factor Heatwave (Latin Wave Mix) 04:16
20 Noizz Factor Seaside Relax Part 2 08:28
21 Noizz Factor Feels Like Heaven (Ambient Mix) 05:29


I discovered this track as it was posted by Maria Batista on the BandCamp Music Promo group on FaceBook.

Jazz Loungebar

insert image here

Jazz Loungebar is a 5 release set distributed by The music featured within these releases has that late night jazz lounge feel that I love. I created a playlist on Spotify called Positive Vibes and many of the songs from these releases have made their way onto that playlist.

Side note: As I am researching this series, it seems that is connected to DJ Maretimo who may also go by the name DJ Jazzy James Jr..

DJ Maretimo Facebook

Jazz Loungebar 1 Spotify / YouTube

Jazz Loungebar 1 eMusic

Jazz Loungebar 2 YouTube

Jazz Loungebar 2 Spotify

Jazz Loungebar 3 YouTube

Jazz Loungebar 3 tracklist

No. Artist Title
1 Vladi Strecker Red Wine
2 The Man Behind C In The Key Of Blue
3 Vladi Strecker Serene Way
4 Sofa Sweeper Broken Romance
5 Noise Boyz The First Dreamer
6 Vladi Strecker Contemplation
7 Sky Sergeant Espace Essentials
8 Noise Boyz Rotating Minds
9 Jazzy James Jr Voyage Transatlantique
10 Orange Music Give Me Lovin
11 Orange Music The Story Of Jay
12 Jazzy James Jr Chamonix Chalet
13 Stereo Gringos Mokka Brazil
14 Jazz Connection Passing Dolphins
15 Vladi Strecker Your Big World
16 The Man Behind C Rational Image
17 Jazzy James Jr Jill & Jazz
18 Noise Boyz Dirty Surprize
19 Jazz City A Broken Heart
20 DJ Maretimo Atmosphere Lovers
21 Mahoroba City Waves
22 Noise Boyz Honeytrap
23 Cafe Americaine Mango Muffins
24 DJ Maretimo Sardinia Sailor
25 Jazz City La Noche
Jazz Loungebar 4 YouTube / Spotify
Jazz Loungebar 5 YouTube / Spotify
Jazz Loungebar 1 Smooth Control YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 2 A Jazzy Evening YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 3 The Nightflight YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 4 New York Deep YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 5 Midnight Lounge YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 6 A Touch Of Jazz YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 7 The Vintage Cafe YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 8 Jazzy Lazy Smooth YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 9 Lounge Bar Goodies YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 10 Cosmopolitan Lounge YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 11 The Smoother Things In Life YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 12 A Delightful Night YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 13 Enjoy The Night YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 14 The Jazz Hotel YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 15 Easy Listening YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 16 Cool And Smooth YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 17 Welcome 2 The Jazz House YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 18 Maretimo´s Cigar Lounge YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 19 Erotic Nights YouTube
Jazz Loungebar Anniversary 20 Smooth Jazz Megamix Vol.1, 4+ Hours Lounge Music 2015 YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 21 Share The Moment YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 22 A Mellow Evening YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 23 The Vintage Avenue YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 24 The Jazzhouse Session YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 25 (Anniversary Edition) Smooth Jazz Megamix 2 (4+ Hours) YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 26 Amazing Jazz Grooves YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 27 First Class Lounge YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 28 A Smooth Cocktail YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 29 Deep In The Night YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 30 A Jazzy Nightflight YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 31 The Saxophone Pub YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 32 Midnight Flow YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 33 Jazz In Da House YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 34 Downbeat Diamonds YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 35 10 Hours Of Smooth Jazz, HD, 2016, Jazzy Lounge Music YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 36 Erotic Loungebar YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 37 The Bossa Swing, HD, 2016, Smooth Jazz Lounge Music YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 38 3 Hours Of Jazz House YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 39 Funky Punky YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 40 The Lounge Captain YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 41 Autumn Time = Jazz Time YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 42 Lounge Atmosphere YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 43 The Funky World YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 44 Saxophone Bar Jazz YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 45 The Planet Of Jazz YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 47 Smooth Eargasm YouTube
Jazz Loungebar 46 Sax Me Up YouTube

New Crypto Currency MakCoin

I’ve decided to create a new cryptocurrency I’m working on which is backed by bitcoin. The name of the coin is makcoin, named after me (the creator) Makell Bird. The idea behind this coin is to solve certain problems:

  • At the time I’m writing this, there are somewhere between 7-8 billion people in this world and I’d like to see that represented in a way where everyone on Earth could attain at least 1 whole makcoin. So, there will be 8 billion whole makcoins created.
  • There is currently no wallet to store these coins. Coins will be privately sent out, verified, and transferred via a secret SHA-256 Hash controlled by a verified list of people connected to the hash code. There is no limit to the number of makcoins 1 person can hold but 1 person can never hold all the makcoins.
  • MakCoin will be representing a 1:1 ratio on bitcoin, whereas 0.00000001 bitcoins is referred to as 1 satoshi. The initial value of a makcoin is the same in exchange. Owners can choose to own their coins publicly, meaning they can be attached to the hash code assigned to their makcoin or privately as the hash assigned to them and the coins they have are only known to the database and the database can only be adjusted by a moderator. This means that a makcoin transaction must be verified by a makcoin operator.

MakCoins will also be earned every 30 days like a “proof of stake”. Every 30 days 1% of the makcoins you hold will be adjusted and the new “staked” coins will be added to your balance.

Nothing is automated with makcoin at the moment. All transactions must be negotiated.

How it works

You will pick a username and a password. Your username and password will be assigned a SHA-256 hash code. These 4 things will be used to identify you and your wallet and all 4 things will be used to verify a transaction. You can send makcoin to someone if you know they’re username. You can identify yourself publicly with an e-mail address and your name if you want.

NEVER EVER give out your username, password, and hashcodes as someone could compromise your wallet.

Once you own a makcoin (or makcoins) you can send them to someone or someone can buy your coins. You will need to identify yourself publicly in order for them to contact you but then you can arrange to sell your makcoins directly and at your own price! You can exchange your makcoins for any other crypto currency.

Currently you will need to e-mail to arrange to get some makcoins or buy makcoins.

0 DC49BDD788E5C5DA0C54B54663A592D88873B979CABA58A366A8E23CBC425D21 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Genesis 06/16/17
1 65E1740E71D2A7A83AC8F5549708FA03115543AE9AFBB25C3CB9E5D4DDF19542 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
2 D3241B9E2656D02157E924639CDBE8793BD068347C0964FC32ED42A069A96E89 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
3 080FE2580D8C0C8DFBE915783D65DD0409B643B10562489AE0A3AF566CEC4FFB D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
4 6389853124A78A2190A4C5630EBA4E23991314C50DD9E1645FE26EAD912D7A1E D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
5 C87CD292D905E3E2BFCC80EB6994A302082A12E440AFD003F620829C9086FDF9 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
6 6EF3F41A5DA7E8D4DB0534B253571AB2609596C2D65FCCBCE38FD27734349915 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
7 7814A3F31658047A63ED707B5E59FF41D57CCD8BCCF1914A560F90FE01F4CFF9 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
8 8EE9F79D2D05DAADCBEE806F3C583DBEF3115C99E0142EC312CC66DA08FA159E D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17
9 D483FB36D5797CB436D359B44E7896F3205929B644E989300F690DB83BB70E80 D209AF2AE03B01C30FD3E85726B07A3F5B8774164C2450539FE29030A5FD85CA Assigned 06/16/17

Buy ReddCoin

ReddCoin Logo full barIf you have a paypal account and a reddcoin wallet address then you can purchase reddcoin directly from me.

My current offer is an introductory offer.

You can get a wallet for your desktop PC, windows laptop, or Mac from the following sites.

  • –– You’ll need to fully sync with the blockchain before you can receive reddcoin. Don’t worry, this process is done automatically by the app once it’s open. It can take 2-4 whole days for your app to sync with the blockchain so be patient. With these QT Wallets, you can earn up to 5% interest on the reddcoin in your wallet via the automatic stake function on the app.
  • Coinami app on the Google Play Store –– This is a wallet app that can store multiple cryptocurrencies and reddcoin is just one of those currencies.

If you’d prefer to have a wallet on your mobile device (phone) then we suggest:

Get Your Music On Spotify logo white on black banner


I am an independent artist. How do I get my music on Spotify? The answer is: Sign up with ADED.US Music Distribution. ADED.US is a music distributor that can upload music to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and 1,000 other digital stores and apps.

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Music Distribution

Getting a music distribution deal is the only real way to get your own music listed on the Spotify app. But, the real question is, what is the best music distribution company?

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Best Music Distribution Company in 2017 logo white on black banner

What is the best music distribution company? The answer is ADED.US Music Distribution. I wrote a blog way back in 2014 of what I considered to be the top 10 best music distributor companies in the world. For some reason, the search engines decided to take heed of that blog and it is popping up high in search ranking in 2016 and 2017. I had to wait 2-3 years in order to get a great ranking but good things come to those who wait I guess. Especially since I didn’t have to pay for that great search engine placement like all these music distribution companies do.

So I wanted to experiment here. Let’s gather some key words from my competitors in the blog and business world and see what happens. If you’re an independent musician and you want to learn how to sell your music on iTunes or how to get your music on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc. then click the button below.


Best Music Distribution Company

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Music Distribution Companies

I am going to fool around with H1 and H2 tags to see what happens.

Music Promotion

Here, I will also pull the keywords associated with the top ranking site on Google for music promotion. So, “What is the best music promotion company?”. The answer is also ADED.US Music Distribution since they do promo as well.

Here are the keywords:

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