Is Myspace dead or dying?

You know, I’ve been dealing with my own webpages on the net since around 2000. At first, I created little sites (which I didn’t bother to monitor) all around the net just to familiarize myself with HTML. And, yes, I know how to write HTML code from scratch on notepad, unlike all these current script kiddies who (from the start) have been using generators and copy-n-pasting someone else’s original code.

My first successful page was my soundclick page. I received over 30k plays on that page and even teamed up with a fellow hacker and came up with a nifty way to hijack people’s comment boards. That little trick basically put me on soundclick’s blacklist. Any time I would try to upload a new track, it would never get approved! So this, along with the ever changing politics of soundclick forced me to retire my page.

Then it was on to findapix, which proved to be good for nothing more than flirting with a few Asian chicks. I was in the beginning stages of yellow fever then. It was defunct in no time. Then, in the summer of 2005, my Pinay girlfriend convinced me to become an active member of friendster. That site proved to be good for nothing more than exchanging recent pics with friends. Again, a site saturated with Asian females. By the end of 2005, she would use that site (along with her pictures) to shove a pitchfork through my heart.

Then it was on to the latest monster of social networking, MYSPACE. I created a personal page and started dating almost immediately. Those times were interesting, to say the least, albeit in a life altering, disgusting way. Put it like this… I have stories! Anyway, on Oct. 13, 2006, I met the woman I am currently with still to this day. I’m a faithful guy so, needless to say, the dating stopped.

I then created a myspace focusing on my music. I needed to get my music career back on track and, at the time, myspace was the best launching pad for that. All seemed well. I progressed to the point of 2.6M plays, over 1M profile views and over 5.3K fans/friends (my current stats). Yet the popularity and activity dwindled day by day. It’s so bad now that I’m LUCKY if I get a single message from the 5,000 people I’m supposedly connected to. So, not being one to abstain from further exposure, I created my own web page at, along with the 20 other sites I signed up with, and currently imeem seems to be the most active site I’m a part of. I literally get around 100 messages daily! So, I ask you… with all the fake profiles, non-responsive people, countless security measures, and anti user friendly aspects of the site… Is Myspace dead or dying?

If you feel so inclined…


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