The genius that is Danny Bonaduce

Being (in this case) a late bloomer (I was born in 1981), I wasn’t too familiar with the work(s) of Danny Bonaduce. I had no recollection of The Partridge Family nor was i inept enough to comprehend his run-ins with the law. I became aware of Mr. Bonaduce when I first saw his reality show Breaking Bonaduce, which aired on Vh1. From the beginning, strangely enough, I admired his intensity. He never seems to do anything 1/2 assed. Regardless of how crazy his view(s) or idea(s) may seem, he runs with it full steam ahead. So, I delved further into the mind of the fellow mad genius and purchased his autobiography Random Acts of Badness in late 2007 and read the whole thing in a short period of time. In my opinion, it was well worth the read for anyone looking for entertainment!

For those who thought Danny’s life ended with The Partridge Family, think again! He has made several TV appearances and has been working for several radio stations since the Partridge days. He is currently working as a guest host on the Adam Corolla morning show based out of LA on 97.1 Free FM. In my search for random Danny Bonaduce related news, I came across this gem on youtube. Apparently, the guy who runs is an employee of some sort for the station and films the going-ons from time to time. He has created a segment called Danny Bonaduce’s Smoke Break, where he gets random blurbs of wisdom from the man himself while he is… you guessed it… on a smoke break. Here is one of the funniest Smoke Break skits I’ve seen yet!


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