Do you know any Debbie Downer’s?

I recently did a show on Maktown Radio where we discussed what Oprah would call a toxic friend. In the discussion I refered to a former friend I was cutting off as a Debbie Downer. For those that don’t know what a Debbie Downer is, it’s a sketch character popularized by Rachel Dratch on SNL. Debbie Downer is basically a woman who, no matter what positive situation you’re in, can bring you down with negatively unnecessary comments. My (former) friend was doing just that and had been doing so for over 5 years, so he had to go! So, have you experienced the effects of a toxic friend?

Here is one of the many Debbie Downer skits from SNL


2 thoughts on “Do you know any Debbie Downer’s?

  1. Hey! nice entry. Thanks for the update in “labelisms”. And thanks for taking the care not to “assume” an understanding from your readers! – because I didn’t know what a DD was!. I understand exactly what you mean.

    Some people like to sustain themselves negatively at the expense of someone who is willing to “help” or give their “energy” away for free.

    By understanding the dynamics of whom it is that one is “first” and if one has no baggage – then its all, better than good, one can be a floating friend to many! because one doesn’t need to live in a pocket of a friend to be one.

    I wonder what the male version would be called? Darrin Downer!

    Do I know any Debbie Downers? … not anymore!

  2. Well actually while Steve Carrel was hosting a night of SNL he did a mock skit of Debbie Downer called Bob Bummer. So, I guess that would be the male equivalent hehe. šŸ˜›

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