Ergo Proxy: At a Glance

Ergo Proxy the Proxy of Death
I just finished watching Ergo Proxy (all 23 eps. of it) approx. 5 mins ago. Ergo Proxy is like a mixture of Aeon Flux meets Battle Angel Alita meets GITS meets The Nines. Have you ever imagined you were the ruler of your own kingdom, albeit a fictional kingdom? Well, what if you could actually create that kingdom just by imagining it? That is the underlying basis of Ergo Proxy! I can’t really disclose any more info about this anime without revealing it’s plot, which doesn’t unravel fully until the very end, because then I would be spoiling it for you and I do encourage you to acquire this anime and make your own decisions towards it’s rating. I would deem Ergo Proxy worth a watch. Unfortunately, since I’ve saturated myself with many films of the same genre, I guessed the end result of Ergo Proxy by the end of eps. 12. The story, however, might prove too complex for those with an IQ under 100. It blends aspects of religion, cyborgs, corrupt governments, philosophy, history, and much more!

Find more info on Ergo Proxy here


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