2008… a shitty year for movies

2 blogs in 1 day, yay for me!

Well 2008 is turning out to be a shitty year for movies. I’m serious, I can literally count the amount of good movies released this year on one hand, and here they go… 21, Cloverfield, Jumper, and Iron Man (I’m guessing). I haven’t actually seen Iron Man yet myself, but based on what I’ve heard and trailers, it looks to be a good movie. Most of the stuff released this year so far however has been either a snoozer, a terrible dissappointment, or just plain awful. I can’t list the ones that are really bad because honestly, if a movie doesn’t command my attention for more than 15 mins., it’s bad… really bad.

I’m constantly checking apple.com/trailers to see if anything promising is further down the pipeline. The only ones worth mentioning as far as promising goes are Incredible Hulk, Wanted, Righteous Kill, Hancock, and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. But C’MON!, where are all the summer blockbusters!?!? It’s so sad that I have to entertain myself with older movies and catch up on some stuff I missed. 2007 was an OK year for movies, with goodies sprinkled here and there throughout the year, and 2006 was a great year for movies. So, c’mon Hollywood, step your game up!

P.S. Is it just me, or does Will Smith look like Dennis Rodman skiing in the poster for Hancock?

Will Smith or Deniss Rodman


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