Old School Gaming At It’s Finest!: Liquid Kids

I guess when it comes to gaming, you should file me under “80’s Baby”. I seem to be partial to the old school games of the 80’s/90’s. Although today’s video games are for more impressive visually/graphically, they just don’t seem to match the replay value of the classic games. They seem to be missing the fun factor.

While paroozing through youtube, as I do from time to time, I come across videos of games worth checking out. Here we have Mizubaku Daibouken aka Great Water Bomb Adventure aka Liquid Kids. I must say, for a game released in 1990, this game was VERY impressive! I actually discovered this game while I was at my step-daughter’s 3rd bday party @ Peter Piper Pizza. I was looking to kill some time and decided to play some games on one of those multi-game arcade machines. The title Liquid Kids struck me as odd and it had anime-like characteristics so I figured I’d give it a shot… and here I am blogging about how great it is 🙂

It should be noted that if you’re looking to play this game you should get it on the Taito Legends 2 video game for PS2/XBOX/PC. I’ve played the PCE/TG16 version but the Taito Legends version has better graphics and music. Case and point…

PCE/TG16 version

PS2/XBOX/PC Taito Legends 2 version


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