Makell Bird gets dist. deal! HTWOW now on iTunes!!!

I am proud to announce that I have secured a digital distribution deal with a company called Songcast and my 2nd solo album/mixtape “How To Walk On Water” is now available on iTunes!!! This is just another step towards the success of A.D.E. as an all around entertainment company. HTWOW is the first of many Makell Bird related albums and mixtapes to get digital distribution and will also be available on rhapsody, amazon, emusic, and napster shortly. I signed a distribution deal with Songcast and submitted HTWOW on 08/06/2008 and (as of yesterday) it is now available on iTunes.
Of course you can always purchase copies directly from me on my myspace page with credit/debit/paypal and preview them on my imeem page

To access my album on iTunes, simply open itunes (assuming you already have it downloaded and installed on your computer) then click on iTunes Store, then type Makell into the search field or simply click on the following link or copy-n-paste it into your browser’s address bar


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