Maui Rose: BEST Hawaiian restaurant in Vegas!

Maui Rose logo
During my lunch breaks on the days I actually take lunch breaks, I usually frequent the closest McDonald’s for a cheap SW style chicken sandwich. Located directly behind it is this Hawaiian joint called Maui Rose. I had always wondered about it but never had the chance to eat there seeing as how I usually only get 30 min. lunch breaks. Well, on Friday I was able to check it out for the first time. For those that don’t know me, I am a dining enthusiast. I love trying new food from new restaurants in hopes of finding a gem. Well, looks like I found the brightest Hawaiian gem in Vegas!

When I went in I was expecting them to make me your usual quick Hawaiian lunch with some chopped up BBQ chicken, a scoop of rice, and a scoop of macaroni. These are the things I’ve come to expect from other Hawaiian restaurants in the Vegas area. You see, I’ve tried approx. 3 other Hawaiian restaurants…

  • L&L – varies in quality from place to place. Good but not great. The one on NE Nellis seems to have ALOT of fat in their chicken though šŸ˜›
  • Ale’A’s Manapua – located on E Flamingo Rd., it closed down for some strange reason. Could get a bit expensive but at least they made pretty good manapua’s.
  • Buffet Asia – Yes, they have some Hawaiian food and no, it’s not that great.
  • But when it comes to Maui Rose, boy was I wrong! I payed them the $6.50 and they actually gave me a bowl of miso soup and a salad before my BBQ chicken plate arrived and the BBQ chicken plate was huge! There was no fat in the chicken. It had 2 scoops (not 1) of rice and a scoop of macaroni! But, what takes the cake about this place is, they not only make Hawaiian food, but sushi as well! I’m talking about the complex rolls of sushi like tiger/dragon/caterpillar rolls! Although it’s a bit expensive on the sushi side, at least it’s quality sushi.

    My only complaints, and they are small in comparison to other Hawaiian restaurants, is…

  • You don’t get a glass of coke which gets refilled, you have to buy a can.
  • The place is pretty small, which can be considered a good thing if you don’t like busy restaurants.
  • Oh, and as a final note. They have an awesome looking menu and the food actually looks like the food in the menu!

    You can get info about the restaurant @


    2 thoughts on “Maui Rose: BEST Hawaiian restaurant in Vegas!

    1. I’ve been to Vegas a few times and love it. The shopping, the food and the nightlife are magnificent. I appreciate the tips you’ve given on your site, cause I want to go back again soon and try to win my life back..haha. The restaurant sounds lovely too so will make an effort to get there.

    2. Given the vast number of Hawaiian natives here in Las Vegas, you think we’d be able to find more authentic Hawaiian food places around the valley.

      I’m over near Palace Station on a pretty regular basis (and like the general area enough that I’m thinking of moving from the South Point area… I like being around more stuff). I’ve printed out their website and will be checking it out for myself soon!

      Ted Newkirk
      Managing Editor

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