The Future of Atlanta: Lonnie Mack

For those not ‘in the know’, Lonnie Mack (real name Lonnie Mcintosh) has been putting in work on the underground Atlanta Hip-Hop scene for years, networking through his own independent effort Worldcake Entertainment. He got his start working alongside his older brother, the Dirty South Bass Legend DJ Taz. He recently signed a record deal with AMG (Aphilliates Music Group) and will be distributed by Asylum Records. I’ve been speaking on Lonnie for over a year now seeing as how I’m good friends with DJ Taz and I’ve even featured him on 2 of my Maktown Radio mixtapes which you can preview @ and purchase at

Those in support of Lonnie Mack (previously spelled Loney Mac) include DJ Taz, Makell Bird, La The Darkman, DJ Drama, Don Cannon, Willie The Kid, Trendsetter Sense, and Gucci Mane to name a few. With that type of support, you can see the shine.

Don’t forget to add Lonnie Mack @ and and tell him Makell Bird sent you!

Recently, Jigg Spot did a feature on AMG, here is the interview of Lonnie Mack (turn the volume up!)


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