Makell Bird voted “Artist of the Year” on imeem!?!

Long story short, a rap group on imeem started a poll on the The “Imeem Music Awards!” Group entitled “Artist of the year on imeem?” and didn’t bother informing me or the other contestants that we were even on the list. They (M.O.B.) included themselves on the list so they could monopolize the votes. Believe it or not, although I didn’t know about the poll some people voted on me in the beginning anyway and the stats were around 86% for M.O.B. and 14% for me, 0% for the others on the poll. So, I informed my fanbase of over 41k people to vote and voila!, I’m #1 with 58%. This poll is an ongoing poll, but I figured I’d post while it’s hot. Here’s a screencap of the poll (at the time)
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You can hear my full view on it by subscribing to the Maktown Radio Podcast @ or check out Maktown TV @


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