The Future of Atlanta: Azage

Azage has been putting in major work for years on a worldwide scale and the following video is a chronicle of that. Proving good music has no boundaries, he represents Atlanta by way of Canada. It’s a pretty good damn video too if you ask me, seeing as how an underground artist made it. That’s why when I came across his solo mixtape “DJ Scratchez Presents Azage – Follow My Lead”, I just had to take his track Dum Di Diddy Dum” and put it on my Makell Bird Presents Maktown Radio Vol. 5″ mixtape. He has also appeared on the following mixtapes:

  • High Society Presents Against All Odds (Hosted by Azage)
  • DJ Raze One Presents Return of the Hustle (Hosted by Epic)
  • DJ Hurricane / DJ Whut It Dew / DJ Scratchez Present Cross State Traffickin Vol. 2
  • DJ Axcess Presents We Got Next
  • DJ Ames Presents Grind Time Vol. 5
  • DJ Big K Presents Connected Vol. 2 (Hosted by Frank Doket)

Azage on myspace | Azage on youtube | Azage on imeem


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