Lady Lynxx releases debut novel “The Ambassador’s Daughter”!!!

Lady Lynxx, popular for her blogs on and, has just released her first novel entitled “The Ambassador’s Daughter”. You can preview and purchase the book at

Ophelia Emeka-Phillips is the Ambassador’s Daughter. We meet her at the age of 18, determined to discover what the real world is like away from her sheltered life and disciplined upbringing. Even though her world is full of wealth and privilege, as an Ambassador’s daughter Ophelia is bound by duty and tradition. Her mother has also made it clear in no un-certain terms that her father will choose her husband; she must also be a virgin on her wedding night or bring shame upon her family name. After a steamy encounter with a stable hand on a Texas Ranch that her family is vacationing at, Ophelia moves to New York City to study fashion at NYU. Living alone for the first time in her life proves to be an eye-opener. Ophelia meets a whole new set of friends and finally her first love. Will Ophelia be able to keep up her ‘good girl’ role or will she get carried away by her new found freedom? There’s only one way to find out…

Visit Lady Lynxx @


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