Death Note: At A Glance

I just finished watching Death Note, all 37 eps. of it! Took me about a week hehe. I have been away from the anime scene for quite some time and decided to do some anime marathons now that I have alot of free time. So, I decided to weed my way through the bullshit and start with those anime that had high ratings on In my search I’ve come across Death Note. Now, it is apparent, as to why Death Note has such high ratings… It’s worth it!

Although the subject matter isn’t usually the type I’d go for, the storyline alone makes it well worth the watch and will break whatever pre-conceived notions or stereotypes you may have of the genre. Three words I’d use to describe it’s plot are detail oriented, complex, and intricate, to say the least. It also has great character development and style. The character animation can look a bit mundane at times, but there are some key characters I should mention when stating this. I love the character animation of the main character Light Yagami, he just looks cool. I also love the way they managed to make ‘L’ look creepier than the shinigamis. 😛

The music to me was nothing special. But then again, I don’t really like Heavy Metal. Overall I’d give this anime a 9.5/10

So, for those interested in this genre, I highly suggest checking out Hell Girl, Lain, and Bleach


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