How To Put Music On iTunes Store

Note: At the bottom of this post you will find an updated version of ADEDistribution’s tutorial video

If you’ve ever searched for the following terms then you’ve come to the right place.

Unfortunately, for most, you may have been led to companies that offer this service but only with a high price tag attached. Companies like TuneCore, CDBaby, SongCast, RecordUnion, RouteNote, ReverbNation, OneRPM, etc.

The good news is that, as of February 2012, ADEDistribution has stepped into the mix and has began offering musicians a much cheaper deal with extra perks. The other services will charge you anywhere from $10-$300 just to get started. ADEDistribution’s pricing model is much simpler:

$5 per month (for the service) + $3 per submission (whether it’s a single, EP, or album)

While other services bill you for everything up front and operate more like a retail store selling you a product, ADEDistribution runs it’s company like a cable TV or cell phone company.

Sign up for ADEDistribution at

For starters, here’s one of many instructional videos ADEDistribution has provided to show you how to put your music on itunes store

ADEDistribution video


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