The Flash Player Sucks

So, what happens when a service like Adobe Flash Player decides to do some sort of weird, unnecessary update? The whole damn internet shuts down apparently! Today, at around 5 pm, as I simply tried to watch a youtube video, out of nowhere, every site that relies on Flash is freezing up and replacing itself with a blank white screen. Well, guess what?: Like 90% of the sites we use use Adobe Flash Player to display their content. Which means about 90% of the internet isn’t working for people like me.

I should add that I am using an iMac with Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

I tried updating Flash player and even installed the debugger they placed on the Adobe site today. Still nothing is working. I’ve tried clearing the cache and all cookies. Still nothing.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are doing the white screen of death thing. Apple Safari is working but doesn’t play flash, it just freezes and stays black and blank.


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