ADED.US Opens in Japan

In yet another move to expand in a relatively short time, digital distribution company ADEDistribution has started appealing to a much broader audience by opening up offers to independent musicians around the world in their native language.

After successfully appealing to artists in The Netherlands, the company has set it’s sights on Japan, with frequent mentions of the new Japanese artists that have signed up in recent weeks.

Let’s just say it makes things a LOT more interesting!” says Tommy Corman, a distribution rep for ADED.US. “People have been going wild over the new 3.0 (Gamma) version of the site. We aimed to make the experience for new independent artists much easier to follow so that they would have a much clearer understanding of how the digital distribution business works and how they can put their music in the same markets as the major label artists.

Facebookのhttp://aded.usで音楽を販売する方法 –
Facebookのhttp://aded.us上の曲を販売する方法 –
Facebookのhttp://aded.usで楽曲を販売する方法 –
Facebookのhttp://aded.usに音楽を置く方法 –
Facebookのhttp://aded.usの曲を置く方法 –
Facebookのhttp://aded.usの歌を置く方法 –
Spotifyはhttp://aded.usで音楽を販売する方法 –
iTunes Storeのhttp://aded.usで音楽を販売する方法 –
アマゾンhttp://aded.usで音楽を販売する方法 –
iTunes Storeのhttp://aded.usに音楽を置く方法 –
アマゾンストアhttp://aded.usに音楽を置く方法 –
Spotifyはストアhttp://aded.usに音楽を置く方法 –
iTunes Storeのhttp://aded.usで曲を販売する方法 –
Spotifyはストアhttp://aded.us上の曲を販売する方法 –
アマゾンストアhttp://aded.us上の曲を販売する方法 –
iTunes Storeのhttp://aded.usの曲を置く方法 –
アマゾンhttp://aded.usの曲を置く方法 –
Spotifyはhttp://aded.usの曲を置く方法 –
iTunes Storeのhttp://aded.usの歌を置く方法 –
Spotifyはhttp://aded.usの歌を置く方法 –
アマゾンhttp://aded.usの歌を置く方法 –
iTunes Storeのhttp://aded.usで楽曲を販売する方法 –
Spotifyはhttp://aded.usで楽曲を販売する方法 –
アマゾンhttp://aded.usで楽曲を販売する方法 –



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