12 monkeys – the series

Nobody Move!

In the comments from last week’s Friday Movie Quote, my friend Mike informed me that the movie 12 Monkeys is being adapted into a TV series for SyFy. As always, I’m really skeptical about remakes, reboots, and “re-imaginings.” I checked into the show. Most of the cast is unfamiliar, which is okay. But I noticed that Brad Pitt’s character — my favorite in the movie — has been changed into a female. Having a raving paranoid-schizophrenic character portrayed by a gal who looks like a fashion model isn’t promising. But, based on the trailer, that character doesn’t look to fill the same role in the series as in the movie. This makes sense, considering the way things turned out in the movie. And speaking of trailers, this one makes the show look like it has serious potential. I’ll definitely be giving it a go when it hits the airwaves.

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