Yung Bleu INVESTMENTS Yung Bleu

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This music is not available directly from ADED.US Music Distribution. Download this free music by clicking the following link Yung Bleu – INVESTMENTS | Spinrilla


01 Yella In Deze Margilias [Prod. by Al Geno] 3:21
02 Ayoo [Prod. by Track Hittaz] 3:11
03 Lonely Loner [Prod. by Al Geno] 3:09
04 War Ready (Feat. Bam Boy) [Prod. by Scoob] 3:15
05 Dont Wait Up [Prod. by Al Geno] 4:12
06 If You Want Love [Prod. by Al Geno] 3:29
07 Feeling Crazy [Prod. by Nexus] 1:19
08 Lost Without You [Prod. by Al Geno] 3:02
09 Blessings [Prod. by M.O.T.T.] 3:38
10 NBA Money (Feat. Gucci Mane and More) 3:41
11 Fuck Up A Check (Feat. Shad Levi) [Prod. by SwazyBeatz) 2:39
12 Flick Of The Wrist (Remix) 1:49
13 Kiss Me [Prod. by Matcy P] 3:24


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