Music Distribution Canada

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Looking for a music distribution company in Canada? What if you were provided with a list of music distribution companies in Canada? Well, music distributors are a dime-a-dozen these days. So, let’s discuss who the best music distributor is…

What’s important to you as an artist?

Most of the music distribution companies, whether they are in Canada or not, focus on making their site automated. This means that they could care less about anything other than getting your money up front. They tend to have a set it and forget it mentality. Once your music is up on the stores you will probably never hear from them again.

What’s more troublesome is that they could care less if you actually make sales or not. I have yet to run across a music distribution company that will help me promote my music… until today!

There is a company based out of Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) called ADED.US Music Distribution. Despite the fact that they are a U.S.A. based company, they will help you distribute your music to over 1,000 digital stores and apps all over the world regardless of what country you live in.

Rather than having an automated service, ADED.US will walk you through the distribution process step-by-step. If you’ve ever wondered how to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and other stores then they will help you do that as well.

On top of all that, they will promote your music (once it’s up-and-running) on their own social networking pages. I guarantee you that the other music distributors aren’t going to go to such great lengths to please you.

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BC British Columbia
MB Manitoba
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NF Newfoundland and Labrador
NT Northwest Territories
NS Nova Scotia
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ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island
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YT Yukon Territory

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