Pastor Troy Hell To Pay (2002)

pastor troy hell to pay
Click the cover for the large version

I just had to post this music up the second I found out that it was published to iTunes, Apple Music, and YouTube Red. For anyone in the world, this album was sort of hard to come by unless you were living in Georgia circa 2002 and had access to underground albums.

This was Pastor Troy’s second unofficial solo mixtape. Hell 2 Pay came out in a time before the idea of offering up free mixtapes digitally was the ‘thing to do’. His first album, “We Ready: I Declare War” caused quite a stir for a couple of reasons:

  1. Pastor Troy was openly dissing Master P who, at the time, was dominating radioplay in the city of Atlanta and (subsequently) the entire state of Georgia. Outkast, Goodie Mob, and the entire Dungeon Family were in a hiatus of sorts (at the time) and Georgia (as a state) didn’t have much representation in the world of Hip-Hop. We (Georgians) needed someone to carry the flag for us and Pastor Troy picked that flag up in 1999.
  2. When Pastor Troy received so much radio play himself, the heads of UMG (Universal Music Group) took notice and offered Troy a deal. The deal was paramount since it was an independent artist (not a label powerhouse like LaFace Records) receiving the deal. Of course, that deal fizzled out and Troy himself has stated several times that he made more money independently.

T.I.‘s burgeoning label (Grand Hustle) and labelmates (PSC (Pimp Squad Click)) were also releasing underground tapes to the Hip-Hop spots of Georgia. But that’s for another post. These were interesting, albeit depressing, times indeed in the state of Georgia from 1999-2004..

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No. Artist + Title Dur.
1 Pastor Troy Intro 01:13
2 Pastor Troy Hit Em Wit Da Pump (feat. D.S.G.B.) 05:16
3 Pastor Troy Get My Weight Up (feat. Ghetto Mafia) 04:28
4 Pastor Troy Kilaz On The Frontline (feat. Black 2K) 04:06
5 Pastor Troy I Pray For 04:12
6 Pastor Troy Take Off (feat. Bone Crusher) 04:36
7 Pastor Troy I’m Cold (feat. Nivea) 04:11
8 Pastor Troy Dear Pac 02:31
9 Pastor Troy Respect Game (feat. Pimpin Ken and Little Pete) 04:08
10 Pastor Troy Fight Or Run 04:42
11 Pastor Troy Rideout 01:48
12 Pastor Troy Vice Versa (Remix) [feat. Peter The Disciple] 04:26
13 Pastor Troy My Enemies Vs. My N*ggaz (feat. Karmen) 07:39

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