Makell Bird Collard Green Recipe


Time to cook some collard greens with smoked turkey wings, actually smoked turkey legs.

Just so you know, I’ve tried this with mustard and turnip greens but it just wasn’t the same. I’ve perfected this recipe so I don’t see the need to adjust it from this formula. I’ve also seen people cook cabbage and collard greens together and it has this buttery texture.


Break away the collard green leaves from the stem and discard the stem. Rip (shred) the leaves so they are bite sized. Rinse thoroughly (I use a strainer (colander)). Soak them in a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar for about 30 minutes to remove some of the dirt, grit, and grime. Rinse again and put it in a large pot or slow cooker.

In a separate pan, Simmer your (cubed) pork jowl bacon along with the (chopped) bell pepper and onions. Then combine everything with the big pot of greens.


The Veggies

  • collard greens –– 3 bunches
  • 1-2 bell peppers (depending on size and how much you like bell peppers). Preferably red as this gives it a color that pops and it is traditionally what is used.
  • 1 onion (chopped or diced) –– different onions have different tastes so remember that and experiment with it if need be.

The Seasoning

  • oil –– 3 tablespoons (disregard if you’re using pork jowl bacon as it already produces quite a bit of grease)
  • crushed red peppers –– 2 tablespoons
  • garlic –– 2 tablespoons, crushed or minced is fine
  • garlic powder –– 1 tablespoon
  • chicken broth (powdered) –– 2-6 tablespoons (chicken bullion) –– to taste
  • season salt –– 2 tablespoons (you might not need to use this if your chicken bouillon (broth) already has those elements in it. You don’t want to overdo it here cause it could blast you as it’s too much seasoning).
  • black pepper –– 1 tablespoon
  • apple cider vinegar –– 2 tablespoons (optional)

The Meat (choose one of these)

  • 2 smoked turkey legs (leave whole)
  • 1 pound of smoked pork jowl bacon (chopped into cubes) –– Usually, when I buy pork jowl bacon it is already so large that I only end up using half of it. Personally, I’ve tried both the smoked turkey and the bacon and (although they are both delicioso) I prefer the taste of the pork jowl bacon.

I actually combined what I saw and heard in 2 different videos to come up with a general idea of what I’d like to do with this recipe. See for yourself…


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