Buy ReddCoin

ReddCoin Logo full barIf you have a paypal account and a reddcoin wallet address then you can purchase reddcoin directly from me.

My current offer is an introductory offer.

You can get a wallet for your desktop PC, windows laptop, or Mac from the following sites.

  • –– You’ll need to fully sync with the blockchain before you can receive reddcoin. Don’t worry, this process is done automatically by the app once it’s open. It can take 2-4 whole days for your app to sync with the blockchain so be patient. With these QT Wallets, you can earn up to 5% interest on the reddcoin in your wallet via the automatic stake function on the app.
  • Coinami app on the Google Play Store –– This is a wallet app that can store multiple cryptocurrencies and reddcoin is just one of those currencies.

If you’d prefer to have a wallet on your mobile device (phone) then we suggest:


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