Incredible Hulk not so incredible

I watched The Incredible Hulk (2008) last night and I had the exact reaction I was expecting to have. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t horrible. It was just more Hollywood drivel, which seems to be the thing in 2008 (read previous blog). I will say this though, at least it didn’t have a snoozer 45 min. intro like the previous Hulk movie. Some small things were cool, like the appearance of Lou Ferrigno and Tony Stark. However, with all the Hulk material that’s been released, I still prefer the Hulk TV show from back in the day. It had good substance. I’d kill for an actor like Bill Bixby to grace the silver screen in this day and age!

One of the biggest quirks for me about the movie is how short it seemed. The Hulk TV eps were 45 mins alone and this movie is supposedly 114 mins.. So I’d say it’s worth a watch only if you’re bored. My advice is for you to buy the first 2 seasons of Hulk TV so you can see Hulk in good fashion.

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