Chocolope – Cannabis Strain Review

Each little nug is about 1g of Chocolope.

Chocolope was an interesting strain. Here are the effects I felt:

  • Stage 1: Stoned, Stone faced, Numb Skull –– This strain comes in like a little creeper. It took about 10 minutes to kick in. I smoked it from some King size and regular size Elements pre-rolls. The first stage involves your entire head feeling numb. It’s a very ‘heady’ strain but not necessarily cerebral, as you would feel after smoking a more pure sative like Panama Red.
  • Stage 2: The active phase. I was talking (to myself) a lot and pacing around my condo like a madman. It’s (sort of) like the same feeling you’d get from a cup of coffee only less coherent.
  • Stage 3: The munchies. I ended up making myself a huge breakfast about 30 minutes after smoking this.
  • Stage 4: The giggling stage, right before you fall asleep. This stage made me happy with this strain because this “effect” is exactly what I’m looking for. The euphoric “everything’s funny” stage. I had a great time watching videos on YouTube with funny dialog.

The smell and taste is pretty faint. It had the faint citrus smell. It did get a little harsher as I got further and further down the pre-roll. It also had a very faint, smooth, chocolate smell and taste. Overall I’d say this is a good strain to pick up.

I picked this strain up from Canopi and it was $220 + tax for an ounce.

You can find more info from these sites:

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