Random Thoughts from FaceBook

She could be smoking hot… a perfect 10… and she’s got 100s of men telling her how beautiful she is every time she posts a selfie… but what she isn’t telling you is… she’s fucking a 50 year old white guy… she relies on a sugar daddy to pay her bills… and if it wasn’t for him… she’d still be living with her parents or homeless… so, that 50 year old white guy is the REAL MVP.


A lot of these girls that are strippers and 304s… they grew up with low self esteem… so they never even TRY to be anything else… not even joking they become 304s STRAIGHT OUTTA HIGH SCHOOL!… they don’t believe they have the mental capacity to do anything else but sexual related shit… sometimes they learn it from their mom, who was also a 304… they watch their mom manipulate men and the mirror that behavior… MOST of them have homegirls that talked them into it. It’s like a game of 4 square and I’ll discuss that later.


I don’t think women understand the concept of ‘damaged goods’… Most men (good men) will look at a woman for what she’s ACTUALLY worth (besides sex)… so, a LOT of these girls a in a rush to do ‘young hoe shit’… and they don’t realize that they are turning themselves into damaged goods… they are ruining their reputation and turning themselves into damaged goods… men in this generation are putting up with shit their grandfathers NEVER had to put up with.